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The weight bar as seen from the player loadout screen.

Insurgency features an encumbrance mechanic that affects how fast a player can move and how quickly they will become fatigued. Although each piece of gear is weighed in kilograms, the game engine uses a separate and unequal weight unit to adjust player speed and stamina. For simplicity's sake, this wiki will use the term "Weight Points", abbreviated "WP", to describe this unit.

Weight Points[]


The game determines the number of weight points from values assigned to each piece of equipment in the player's loadout. Weight point values are independent from the kilogram measurements given in-game and may only be accessed through the game's source files. These weight point values are provided in the infoboxes of equipment on the Insurgency wiki, and are useful for determining a player's speed and stamina.

The weight bar in the player loadout screen (shown above) is a visual representation of values between 0WP and 640WP, and are demonstrated as the lower and upper limits on the bar. Although a player's total weight points can be less than 60WP, values below 60WP will not impact player speed or stamina. Note that a player's weight cannot exceed 640WP. The loadout menu will not allow players to equip certain weapons if it exceeds the weight limit. 


Although there is significant variance, most Primary Weapons have weight point values between 128WP and 160WP. Light machine guns and sniper rifles are the only primary weapons that weigh more than this, at 320WP.

Variables affected by Weight Points[]