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Rules and guidelines for the weapon pages:


Weapons whose damage degrades over range should have their damages listed from highest to lowest, i.e. 30-20 as opposed to 20-30.

Damage within Range[]

Damage within range is the amount of damage a weapon may actually produce in-game given its range limitation. It differs from standard damage in that the minimum damage is adjusted to reflect the weapon's maximum range.

The damage within range value is displayed in the damage category of the infobox.


Range is a category found in weapon and equipment infoboxes. Range in Insurgency is measured in inches from the barrel of the weapon to the target. In games using the Source Engine, range on a weapon is expressed as the point at which a gun's damage begins to drop and the point in which the drop-off levels off. Weapons have up to four important ranges that should be listed when applicable: damage drop start, damage start shift, damage drop end, and max range.

  • Damage drop start range is the range at which weapon projectile damage begins to decline. This is normally the weapon's highest damage output range.
  • Damage drop shift range is the range at which the weapon projectile damage slope may be altered before the damage drop end range. It is a special modifier in that it is not present on all weapons.
  • Damage drop end range is the range at which the weapon projectile damage slope becomes zero. That is, weapon bullet damage is no longer reduced after that point. This is effectively the lowest damage value a weapon may apply, if the value is within the weapon's max range.
  • Max range is the range at which weapon projectiles damage is reduced to 0.


For example, take Insurgency's M16A4.

The M16A4 does 110 damage up to 10 inches. Past 10 inches, the M16A4 will gradually drop to 80 damage up to 2700 inches. Past 2700 inches, the M16A4 would gradually drop to 46 damage up to 12000 inches, at which it would remain past 12000 inches. This does not happen, however, because the M16A4's max range is 10000 inches.

As a result, past 2700 inches, the M16A4 will gradually drop to 53.3 damage up to 10000 inches, at which it will do no damage.

In game descriptions[]

First, start off the page by describe who uses the weapon and what single player levels you can find it. After that, basic strategies for the weapons are put it. Finally, put a gallery that has pictures of the weapon in-game. This can be done by typing <gallery> File:filename.png|Caption</gallery>.

This is also the section to place unusual gameplay-related quirks about this weapon.