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In reality, the length of a weapon can affect its accuracy, muzzle velocity, weight, and effectiveness in CQB situations. Different weapons have different lengths to best fulfill their intended role on the battlefield. Carbines and sub-machine guns tend to have shorter barrels to allow for ease of use in CQB, while marksman rifles have longer barrels to allow for greater accuracy and muzzle velocity.

Weapon length were made less sensitive in a later patch.


Weapon length is a mechanic introduced in Insurgency. The player's weapon's length determines the minimum range the weapon can be fired when facing a solid object. This feature is known as weapon collision. Weapon length is measured in inches.

The length of a weapon can also affect the stealth and silhouette of a player, as the player's gun barrel can be visible when players are behind cover. Weapon attachments may also increase the length of a weapon, specifically, the suppressor.