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Ammo Vests are used to provide the user with extra ammo. Vests provide no damage protection.


Chest Rig

Insurgency features two types of vests, the Chest Rig and Chest Carrier. Players may equip either of these or choose to have no ammo vest at all. The heavier Chest Carrier will cost more supply points than the Chest Rig as it offers more storage for ammo.

The Chest Rig provides the user two extra magazines of both primary and secondary ammo. It does not provide any extra explosives. The Chest Carrier provides the user three extra magazines of primary ammo, four extra magazines of secondary ammo, and one extra grenade or C4 explosive. It does NOT grant additional rockets.

Like all equipment, different vests have varying weights. This affects player speed and fatigue.

Security vs. Insurgent Forces[]

The Security Forces have a contract with a supplier, allowing them free access to Light Armor and Chest Rigs and reduced cost to Heavy Armor and Chest Carriers.

The Insurgent Forces have no such contract, so their body armors and ammo vests are more expensive.