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Just another plain contributor/editor at your wiki.

Please contact me if there is error or use talk page on edited page if you're unsure about it. Thank you.

Also contributing for Rainbow Six, Battlefield and Overwatch wikis.


  • I'm mostly editing pages about video game features (weapons, maps, etc)
  • I also edit templates (I'm looking for ways to make them simple to edit or navigate for the viewer). Edit: I'm not sure if I want to change any of them in this wiki with how complex it is linked with categories.


  • There's one thing in this wiki which bothers me - the order of games in every weapon/gadget/feature page. For example, M16A4 has three sections ("games") in new-to-old order which is not usual and, in my opinion, wrong and confusing. Most wikis (not just FPS game series, but game series) use old-to-new order with the oldest game being the first one - not only it's the best to see what weapon/feature returned to latest game, it's just generally easier to browse pages from top to bottom. I don't think it's good to use newest game at the top of the page for any reason, including "for less scrolling down" or "top is most viewed" - it's just already not consistent with how other wikis (including non-fandom wikis) do it.
    • So, I'll be working on reversing every page with it and also try to add more information for Insurgency: Sandstorm pages too.
  • Separating weapon pages of the same platform/family - Thread:5539 (ongoing discussion, open)