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Stamina in Insurgency is a measure of how exhausted a soldier is. Low stamina has negative effects on weapon sway and a soldier's ability to focus. Stamina is lost by doing actions such as sprinting and jumping, though it is regenerated by not using stamina.

For simplicity's sake, this wiki will use the term "Stamina Points", abbreviated "SP", to describe each unit of stamina. A soldier's stamina calculated as a percentage, rather than an absolute unit. For example, a soldier with 30/120SP will have 25% stamina. The more stamina points a soldier has, the less quickly he will deplete his stamina.

How Maximum Stamina Points are Calculated[]

A soldier's maximum stamina points is determined by his total weight points.

  • A soldier with 60WP or less will have 120SP.
  • A soldier with 640WP or greater will have only 40 SP.
  • A soldier with weight points between 60 and 640 with have between 40 and 120 stamina points, as shown below.

How to Calculate Maximum Stamina Points[]

Stamina over Weight Points Graph[]

Line graph demonstrating the relationship of Stamina and Weight Points.

Stamina Use[]

Stamina Regeneration[]

Stamina is regenerated at a rate of 2.50 SP/second if the soldier is not doing any actions that depletes stamina. It will take 16-48 seconds for a resting soldier to fully regenerate stamina from 0%, depending on their total weight points.

Stamina Depletion[]

  • Sprinting (-2.50 SP/second)
    • A soldier may sprint 16-48 seconds before depleting their stamina.
  • Jumping (-15 SP/action)
    • A soldier may jump 3-8 times before depleting their stamina.
  • Taking damage (-.025 SP/action)
    • A soldier may get shot 160-480 times before depleting stamina.
    • This loss of stamina is insignificant, however, it will stop stamina from regenerating.

At 0% stamina, a soldier will still be able to make all of the actions above. Remember, stamina only affects weapon sway and focus.

Effects of Stamina[]

Weapon Sway[]

The less stamina a soldier has, the more their weapon sways.


Focus is a feature that a reduces idle sway while aiming down sights and it has a small zoom effect. It is available to use with any gun and any optic. It is useful for trying to be precise and hitting long-range targets.

The less stamina a soldier has, the less effective their focus will be.

  • Focus Time
    • Stamina 0% = 2.0 seconds of focus
    • Stamina 50% = 3.5 seconds of focus
    • Stamina 100% = 5.0 seconds of focus
  • Focus Cooldown
    • Stamina 0% = 2.5 seconds between focusing
    • Stamina 100% = 1.5 seconds between focusing
  • Focus Effectiveness
    • Stamina 0% = 30% as "effective" focus
    • Stamina 50% = 50% as effective focus
    • Stamina 100% = 100% as effective focus
      • "Effectiveness" is likely defined as additional zoom and/or weapon stability.


A soldier with low stamina will breathe loudly, which can overshadow surrounding noises to the player and possibly reveal his position.