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The Speed Loader is a small device used to load all rounds at once in a revolver.


The speed loader is an attachment for the Model 10 revolver. It is categorized as a Magazine upgrade and costs 1 Supply Point.

The speed loader is an attachment unique to the Model 10. When equipped, instead of reloading the Model 10's cylinder per-bullet, the whole cylinder is filled. This makes the Model 10 a far more usable secondary, where there is less downtime when speed loaders are used. The reload time with the Model 10 when using the speed loader is a little over three seconds.

Using the Model 10 without the speed loader isn't really a problem. The pistol is still the lightest in-game, and it's completely free of charge.

The speed loader costs a single supply point. This makes the Model 10 worth the same as the other pistols on offer, outside the Makarov. The Makarov is an overall more versatile pistol compared the Model 10, and the Makarov doesn't cost any supply points to equip either.

Of note, the speed loader is the only method to shorten the reload on any weapon in the game. Other firearms can increase the magazine size to make it last longer, however, which the Model 10 cannot do.

Insurgency: Sandstorm[]

"Allows weapon to be loaded more quickly when reloaded from empty."
— In-game description

The Speed Loader is a magazine attachment featured in Insurgency: Sandstorm. It can be used only on MR 73