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Spectator Mode is a feature in Insurgency that allows players to watch the match through the eyes of any of the participating players, or roam around freely. The player may select "Join as Spectator" through the Team Selection page, and will be listed as a spectator.

The Insurgent Forces are marked with yellow icons and the Security Forces are marked with blue icons.

Special Mode Controls and Usage[]

  • The primary and secondary fire buttons, defaulted to Mouse 1 and Mouse 2, can be used to cycle through the participating players
  • The "Jump" key, defaulted to SPACE, can be used to switch between a first and third person perspective, or go into "noclip" mode (fly freely around the map)
    • Noclip mode allows players to view the match from locations not otherwise possible. It may also be used to explore areas outside of the normal map boundaries.
  • The Tactical Map may be used as an overview to find confrontations and select players.