This has not been revised since the september update. Please help updating it to make it current.

Practice is a game mode that allows players to play a quick game with AI Bots. It may be accessed under "Training" in the main menu. Settings for practice can only be changed through the console.

Map rotations in Practice always begin with Skirmish on Panj.

Custom Practice MatchesEdit

Users can start up a practice game by entering their choice of map and gamemode in this format: mapname gamemode into the console (default: `)

Command Map (Gamemode)
map market push Market (Push)
map market skirmish Market (Skirmish)
map market_coop Market (Checkpoint)
map siege push Siege (Push)
map siege_coop Siege (Checkpoint)
map contact push Contact (Push)
map contact_coop Contact (Checkpoint)
map uprising firefight Uprising (Firefight)
map uprising_coop Uprising (Checkpoint)
map ministry skirmish Ministry (Skirmish)
map ministry_coop Ministry (Checkpoint)
map district District (Push)

The following guide contains steps to customizing single player practices: Steam Insurgency Guide: Singleplayer

The number of bots can be set with the command "ins_bot_quota #"

Command Effect
ins_bot_quota 0 Removes all bots from the game, similar to pre-match settings
ins_bot_quota 4 Places 4 bots on each faction, with 8 bots being added in total



Essentially the same as regular push, except with computer-controlled teammates and enemies. The attacking team must capture 3 control points and destroy 1 cache in order before their time or reinforcements run out while the defending team needs to prevent them by depleting the enemy's reinforcements and preventing the capture of the control points.


The same as CO-OP Checkpoint, except the player is the only member of the Security forces. Making it much more difficult than CO-OP checkpoint.


When playing against bots, there is a lesser need for strategy and tactics, and higher demand for raw skill, as bots do not react to battlefield situations the same way a human player would.