Security Forces
Security Banner
The Security Forces' insignia.
GamesInsurgency Icon Insurgency
TypePrivate Military Company

The Security Faction in Insurgency is a North American PMC with contracts in Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan. The Security faction is largely equipped with Western weaponry. They are the opponents of the Insurgent Forces.


The Security Forces use a variety of infantry weapons and equipment ranging from assault rifles, machine-guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and rocket launchers.


  • The Security forces replace the USMC from the Insurgency Mod, they were most likely replaced because having Security forces would allow for access to a greater amount of weapons.
  • During the Insurgency: Early-Access, the Security faction was represented by Private Military Contractors, Iraqi Security Forces, and United States Marines.
  • The insignia of the Security faction looks very similar to that of the real life SAS.
  • The old Security insignia during Insurgency: Early Access was the logo of the United States Marine Corps.

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