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Scouts are lightweight fighters with access to a variety number of weapons and explosives, allowing them to copy the role of any class on the Insurgent faction. Scouts are responsible for flanking enemies and providing intellience on enemy movements.


Insurgent ForcesEdit

Fac ins
General information
Squads[B] Scout Cell
Available slots1
PrimaryM1 Carbine (1)
MP40 (2)
AKS-74U (2)
SecondaryMakarov (0)
Model 10 (0)
M1911 (1)
ExplosiveF1 Frag (2)
Flare Gun (1)
M18 Smoke (1)
M84 Flash (1)
Molotov (3)
Explosive 2F1 Frag (2)
M18 Smoke (1)
M84 Flash (1)
Molotov (3)
ArmorLight Armor (2)
Heavy Armor (3)

The Scout's appearance is the same as the Sniper and Sharpshooter classes. Scouts wear white keffiyehs, white t-shirts, blue pants, a green ammo carrier, and a hip holster. 

Default LoadoutEdit

Category Model Attachment(s) or Notes
Primary M1A1 2x Red Dot , Suppressor
Secondary Makarov
Explosive None
Explosive 2 None
Armor None
Vest Chest Rig
Accessory None


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