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A player can earn points by capturing objectives, killing enemies, and various other actions. Points can be of different values depending on the game and action performed.


The scoreboard in Insurgency can be viewed by pressing Tab ⇆ , and is displayed at the end of the current match. Scores are not stored on any leaderboards and are only used in Insurgency to determine how well a player is doing in their current round.

Creative Director & Community Manager, Andrew Spearin (aka Argyll) confirmed in a comment August 6, 2014 on the Steam "Hunt" DLC announcement that some sort of a ranking system was "...on its way."

In most servers, the scoreboard displays limited information to avoid players abusing it as a kill-feed.

Scoring System[]

Action Description Points Earned
Kill Killing an enemy. 10
Offensive Kill 20
Defensive Kill 20
Headshot Bonus Killing an enemy with a headshot. Bonus added to kill score. 10
Savior Kill Kill a player who was inflicting damage on a teammate. 10
Domination Bonus Kill a player who you are dominating. Bonus added to kill score. 10
Revenge Bonus Kill a player who has dominated you. Bonus added to kill score. 10
Kill Assist Damage an enemy and allow a teammate to kill them. 10
Objective Captured Capture an enemy or neutral objective point. 50
Objective Neutralized Neutralize an enemy objective point. 20
Cache Destroyed Destroy an enemy cache. 100
Intel Captured Capture enemy intel. 100
VIP Killed Kill an enemy VIP. 100
Capture "Tick" Score given for each 10% of a capture. 10
Reset "Tick" Score given for each 10% uncapped. 10