The Rifleman class is featured in Insurgency and is exclusive to the Security Forces. The class is equipped with an assault rifle and has limited access to grenades.

The Rifleman class is the backbone of the fireteam. Their role is to provide cover fire to their squadmates. This class is featured in both Insurgency and Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Edit

Security Forces Edit

Fac sec mono
File:IS Security Rifleman.png
PrimaryAKM-S (3)
G3 (3)
M16A2 (3)
M16A4 (3)
SKS (3)
M4A1 (4)
FAL (5)
G36K (5)
SecondaryM45 (2)
ExplosiveM67 Frag (2)
AN-M14 Incendiary (2)
M18 Smoke (1)
ArmorHeavy Armor (3)
VestLight Carrier (1)

Default Loadout Edit

Category Model Attachment(s) or Notes
Primary FAL
Secondary G17
Explosive M18 Smoke
Armor Heavy Armor


Security ForcesEdit

Fac sec
INS Security Rifleman
General information
Squads[A] Assault Squad
Available slots2
PrimaryM16A4 (1)
L1A1 SLR (2)
Galil SAR (3)
SecondaryMakarov (1)
M45A1 (1)
M9 (1)
ExplosiveM18 Smoke (1)
M84 Flash (1)
M67 Frag (2)
ArmorLight Armor (0)
Heavy Armor (2)
VestChest Rig (1)
Chest Carrier (2)

The Security Rifleman is a class that is suited for medium range combat. The Rifleman uses the heavyweight character appearance, he is equipped with a Modular Tactical Vest (MTV), a ballistic helmet, a digital desert camo BDU, goggles, a green balaclava, and a drop leg holster.

Default LoadoutEdit

Category Model Attachment(s) or Notes
Primary M16A4 AP Ammo
Secondary None
Explosive M67 Frag
Explosive 2 None
Armor Heavy Armor
Vest Chest Carrier
Accessory None

Weapon Attachments Edit

  • The Rifleman has an overall more limited selection of attachments, they do not have access to grenade launchers or suppressors.
  • Foregrips cost 3 supply points for the Rifleman class

Trivia Edit

  • The helmet on the model is only a cosmetic piece and does not reduce damage in-game.
  • The use of a balaclava in desert conditions would be challenging, due to heat fatigue.
  • Although not explicitly mentioned, the appearance of the rifleman class looks similar to that of a US Marine.

Insurgency: Modern Infantry CombatEdit

The Rifleman class is featured in Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat and is playable on both U.S. Marines and Iraqi Insurgents.

U.S. Marines Edit

INSMC Rifleman
General information
SquadsSquad 1, Squad 2
ExplosiveFrag Grenade

Default LoadoutEdit

Squad: SQUAD 1 / SQUAD 2
Class name: Rifleman
Primary Weapon: M16
Primary weapon addons: none
Secondary Weapon: Beretta M9
Grenade: 1x frag grenade

Iraqi InsurgentsEdit

Fac ins
File:IMIC Insurgent Rifleman.png
General information

Default LoadoutEdit

Cell: CELL 1 / CELL 2
Class name: Rifleman
Primary Weapon: AK-47 / SKS
Primary weapon addons: none
Secondary Weapon: Makarov
Grenade: 1x frag grenade