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Reloading is the act of loading new rounds in a weapon. For many weapons, it is necessary to eject an empty magazine first.


When a weapon is reloaded, the magazine is stored back in the tactical vest of the player. This means when all full magazines are used, the player will take out this magazine which will contain as much rounds as when it was stored.

If the magazine was completely empty, it will be thrown on the ground. In this case reloading takes a little longer because there is no round in the chamber so the weapon has to be cocked.

Insurgency: Sandstorm[]

Sandstorm utilizes the same mechanics as Insurgency, plus more.

Staged reloading[]

When a reload is interrupted, continuing the reload later will happen from the point where it stopped.

Speed reload[]

A speed reload drops the magazine on the ground so you'll be a little quicker.