The Recon class is specialized in stealth and speed, and is equipped with a relatively light loadout to show for it. As the name suggests, the role of the Recon class is to provide reconnaissance on enemy forces. His light loadout also allows him to flank enemies in a fraction of the time compared to other classes and remain undetected, great for destroying enemy caches and eliminating high value targets.


Security ForcesEdit

Fac sec
General information
Squads[B] Recon Team
Available slots1
PrimaryAC-556 (2)
MP5K (2)
M4A1 (2)
UMP-45 (2)
SecondaryMakarov (0)
M45A1 (1)
M9 (1)
ExplosiveM18 Smoke (1)
M84 Flash (1)
M67 Frag (2)
AN-M14 (3)
ArmorLight Armor (0)
Heavy Armor (2)

The Recon class uses the light security appearance loadout. He wears a Contractor's cap, sunglasses, a white shemagh, a plate carrier, a battle belt, and a drop leg holster

Default LoadoutEdit

Category Model Attachment(s) or Notes
Primary MP5K 2x Red Dot , Suppressor
Secondary M9
Explosive M18 Smoke
Armor N/A
Vest Chest Rig

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

  • The Recon class has access to suppressors.  
  • The M4A1 costs 2 supply points for the Recon class. 

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