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In first person shooter games, the prone position involves the player laying down on their stomach. This minimizes the amount of vertical exposure to the player's body, in exchange for increased horizontal exposure and a reduction in movement speed.


In Insurgency, players can go prone with their prone key, defaulted to Z. While in prone, weapon recoil and sway is reduced and bipods can be deployed. However, players cannot fire while moving and suffer from a slower look speed. Weight points have no effect on the speed of the player while moving in a prone position.


  • Sometimes if a player goes prone with his rear facing a wall, their legs can be seen by players outside. (This has been changed since the Embassy update as the player now automatically moves forward when proneing too close to the wall to avoid being killed by wall glitch ,though sometimes the player model's legs still pop out but they cant be killed by means of wall glitching)