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In First Person Shooter games, the movement speed of a player is a crucial element in establishing gameplay parameters and sets the pacing of the game accordingly. Generally, the faster the movement speed, the faster the pacing of the game, hence a more arcade-like game that involves more strafing and spraying. On the other hand, the slower the players' movement speed, the slower the pacing of the game. Consequentally, more defensive and tactical gameplay.


In Insurgency, the speed of a player is determined by their weight, which in turn determines their acceleration speed, deceleration speed, friction, slide speed, and lean speed. A player with a heavier loadout will have a slower speed than players with a lighter loadout. Subsequently, it allows for fast paced players and slower paced players to fight with one another on equal grounds.


Player Speed is the same for all weights while walking. There is a slower walking mode, activated by holding ⌥ Alt by default, which makes less noise.


Jogging speed is affected by a player's acceleration speed, deceleration speed, and friction, although it is a very small difference between a player with 60WP or fewer weight points and a player with 640WP.


Sprint speed most significant effect that varies between players, a player with 60 or fewer WP will move at a significantly faster rate than those will 640WP. Those with a lighter loadout will also experience less fatigue when running, resulting in higher stamina. However, note that stamina does not directly affect the maximum speed of a player, but does affect their overall speed from point A to point B.


Player Speed is the same for all weights when crouched.


Player Speed is the same for all weights when prone.


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