The PO 4x24 is a medium to long range Russian scope.


PO 4x24
INS PO 4x24
General information
OperatorsFac ins mono Insurgent Forces
  • All classes
General statistics
Supply points ?3 Icon supply

In Insurgency, the PO 4x24 is a 4x scope avaliable for the Insurgent Faction. It has greatest zoom of any mid-high power scope.


  • High zoom makes it optimal for mid-long range combat

  • Poor peripheral vision due to a constricted viewsight
  • Increased visual recoil
  • Slow draw time
  • Average cost


  • The PO 4x24 has the smallest field of view in terms of monitor real estate compared to any other scope. 
  • The ingame model portrays the PO 4x24P model
  • The PO 4x24P is actually one of the rarest scopes in the world, making it unlikely for such a stockpile of them to fall into Insurgent hands. 

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