For the update for 2014 video game, see Insurgency: Nightfall.
IS Operation Nightfall Promo
Release dateJune 16, 2020

Operation Nightfall is the expansion for Insurgency: Sandstorm. It adds night-time map variations, new gadgets and attachments such as night-vision goggles and night scopes and new weapons with integrated suppressors.[1]

Features Edit

  • Added night versions of existing maps.

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Gadgets Edit

Cosmetic items Edit

  • Seven new free cosmetic items
  • Paid DLC packs:
    • Ghillie Gear Set
    • Nightstalker Gear Set
    • Midnight Blue Weapon Skin Set
    • Red Dark Weapon Skin Set

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  1. THE TIME HAS COME! Over the coming weeks we will constantly be releasing info about our 1.7 update: NIGHTFALL!
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