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Occupy is a King of the Hill inspired game mode where your team must occupy the map in order to slowly force the enemy to run out of reinforcement waves. Controlling the objective allows your team to continue reinforcing without depleting any waves. This game mode was added in the Molotov Spring content update.


"Control the middle objective to receive a constant flow of reinforcements. Cut enemy reinforcements off and eliminate their presence in the area to win."
— In game description

The objective is to capture and hold a single control point. Both sides start with 3 waves of reinforcements. Once the control point is captured, the team in control of the object will receive an infinite number of reinforcements, until the objective is neutralized.

The team who is able to hold the objective and run the enemy's reinforcements to 0 waves and eliminate all hostiles will win the round. Alternatively, the team that holds the objective when the timer runs out will also win the round, if they are able to defeat the final enemy reinforcement wave that spawns when the timer runs out.