Night Vision Goggles are vision enhancement devices that help players to better see in the dark. A green hue highlights and contrasts the player's vision, allowing for better spotting during the night. However, when wearing Night Vision Goggles, the player's peripheral vision will be limited. In addition, light sources will blind the player at close quarters, making flashlights, flash grenades and flare guns especially effective.


General information
Inventory slotAccessory
OperatorsFac sec mono Security Forces
  • All classes

Fac ins mono Insurgent Forces

  • All classes
General statistics
Supply points ?Security: 1 Icon supply
Insurgents: 2
Weight points ?30/640

Night vision goggles are avaliable to both the Security and Insurgent factions. However, night vision goggles are cheaper for Security forces, as they have an equipment contract with a supplier.

The NVG used by Security forces is slightly tinged yellow, while the Insurgent's NVG only produces hues of green.

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