New World Interactive
NWI logo 2015
FoundersJeremy Blum
HeadquartersDenver, Colorado, U.S.
GamesInsurgency series
Key peopleAndrew Spearin (CD)

New World Interactive (also known as NWI) is an independent video game developer and publisher headquartered in Denver, Colorado. It was formed to develop primarily first-person shooter and real-time strategy games for PC, Mac, and console platforms with a focus on digital distribution. It is known for the development of the Insurgency.

Key People Edit

Name Steam ID Position
Andrew Spearin Argyll Creative Director & Community Manager for Insurgency.
Co-founder and former Project Director of Insurgency mod.
Jeremy Blum JBlum Creative Director at New World Interactive
Michael Tsarouhas Mikee Community Manager & voice actor for Insurgency.
Mark Winter Fortran Sound Designer at New World Interactive[1]
Zach Snyder cincinnati Level Designer (Tell)[2]
Jeroen Van Werkhoven Xanthi Level Designer (Buhriz, Sinjar 2014, Uprising, Panj, Verticality)[3]
Valentin Levillain Level Designer[4]
Stephen Swires Steve S Programmer
Jared Ballou jballou
Christiaan Bakker AniCator Graphics Programmer and Technical Artist
John McBroom jimbomcb
Deadpixel Deadpixel
Benjamin Turtell MrBrightside Animator
Mxthe Technical Level Designer

History Edit

NWI Logo

Previous logo

Old NWI Logo

Older logo

New World Interactive was founded in 2010 by Jeremy Blum, who was heavily involved in a series of total conversion mod projects including Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat and Red Orchestra.

Trivia Edit

  • Developers in-game have a Nwitagtag next to their name on the leaderboard.

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