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The WSmith & Wesson Model 10, previously known as the Military & Police or the Victory Model is a six-shot, double-action revolver chambered for the .38 Special cartridge.


The Model 10 is a six-shot revolver added to in Insurgency's Conqueror Update. It is the only revolver in the game, and the only revolver in the entire series. It fires exclusively in double-action mode.

The Model 10 has a unique reloading mechanism. If reloaded before the remaining cartridges are used up, the ammo is lost, as the unspent cartridges are ejected onto the floor along with spent cartridges.

Compared to the Makarov, the Model 10 weighs less (45 vs. 51) and higher maximum damage. However, it has less ammo, longer reload speeds, less suppression, and less penetration than the Makarov.



Developer Notes[]

"The reload animation was something we discussed when designing the Model 10. The decision to empty the cylinder upon reload was a combination of weapon balance, realism, and ease of animating. Loading individual bullets would require the user to pluck out fired rounds, which would just take too much time."
— Michael "Mikee" Tsarouhas, Community Manager & voice actor for Insurgency.[1]


  • The Model 10 is currently the only Insurgency weapon to feature a trigger delay, where the weapon will fire a small amount of time after the player clicked the mouse or pulled the trigger. This 0.04 second delay is done to simulate real-life revolver operations.
  • The Model 10 is also the only revolver that ever appears in the Insurgency series.
  • Even though the ingame descriptions state the Model 10 weighs more in terms of kilograms than the Makarov, the Model 10 still takes up less weight points.
  • The Model 10 can be used by Security Forces in certain co-op modes.