The Machine Gunner class is a class on the Insurgent faction responsible for providing suppressive fire and cover for advancing units. They are also responsible for defending captured positions when required. Due to the heavy loadout and bulkiness of his primary weapon, it is recommended that machine gunners avoid close quarters combat and engage enemies from a medium distance while behind cover.


Insurgent ForcesEdit

Fac ins
 Machine Gunner
Machine Gunner
General information
Squads[A] Assault Group
[B] Scout Cell
Available slots3
PrimaryRPK (2)
FAL (3)
Galil (3)
SecondaryMakarov (0)
Model 10 (0)
M1911 (1)
ExplosiveM18 Smoke (1)
F1 Frag (2)
Flare Gun (1)
Explosive 2M18 Smoke (1)
F1 Frag (2)
ArmorLight Armor (0)
Heavy Armor (2)

The Machinegunner wears a red keffiyeh, black shirt, blue pants, an ammo carrier with shoulder straps, and a hip holster. 

Default LoadoutEdit

Category Model Attachment(s) or Notes
Primary RPK
Secondary Makarov
Explosive M18 Smoke
Explosive 2 None
Armor Heavy Armor
Vest Chest Carrier
Accessory None


  • Foregrips cost one less supply point for the Machine Gunner class.