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The Manurhin MR73 is a French-manufactured, high-end double-action/single-action revolver chambered in .38 Special/.357 Magnum. The MR73 is manufactured by Manurhin

Insurgency: Sandstorm[]

The MR 73 is a revolver featured in Insurgency: Sandstorm. It was added in Update 1.10 Operation: Exodus.

The MR 73 normally fires in double-action mode, meaning there is a slight delay between pressing the fire button and firing the weapon, similar to the Model 10 from Insurgency. However, when the Sniper Barrel or Suppressed Sniper Barrel is equipped, the weapon is locked to single-action; this makes the rate of fire slower as the revolver needs to be cocked after each shot, however, there is no longer anymore trigger delay when firing. This makes the weapon a lot more precise.




  • In reality, attaching a suppressor to the MR 73 would not be very effective; being a revolver, there is a small gap between the cylinder and barrel, which would cause gasses to escape while firing and make noise, regardless of whether or not a suppressor is attached to the muzzle.
  • When being operated in single-action mode, the MR 73's cylinder is still able to be reloaded, even when the hammer is cocked. This is impossible in real life, as the cylinder on a revolver cannot be swung out with the hammer cocked, meaning the operator would need to manually decock the revolver first before reloading.