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The WBarrett M82A1, standardized by the U.S. military as the M107, is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-materiel sniper system developed by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company. Despite its designation as an anti-materiel rifle, it is used by some armed forces as an anti-personnel system.

The M107CQ is a variant of the M107, which is 9 inches shorter and 5 pounds lighter than the standard M107. It is designed for use in vehicles and close combat.

Insurgency: Sandstorm[]

The M82A1 CQ is an anti-material rifle featured in Insurgency: Sandstorm. The weapon is exclusively available to the Security Marksman role.

The M82A1 CQ, along with the M99 are capable of inflicting a one hit kill on any enemy at nearly any range, usually causing dismemberment or decapitation upon striking an enemy at closer ranges. It also has really powerful penetration capability and high velocity, making it akin to a hitscan weapon at longer ranges. Living up to its anti-materiel role, the rifle can destroy a technical in just two shots by shooting the engine block. It is also powerful enough to down an enemy helicopter by shooting its tail rotor a few times; while this is certainly doable, it is very risky and not recommended.

Due to its barrel length, its weight, and its slow rate of fire, the rifle is ill-suited for close range combat and can even hinder the player's movement speed. The weapon's slow draw time, slow reload speed and small magazine are some of its additional drawbacks. Additionally, the M82's firing sound is also very loud; rapidly firing the weapon, as little as five subsequent shots, can make the player and other nearby players deaf for a few seconds. The player should also be careful when fighting near friendlies as a misplaced shot can severely cripple their health and a headshot will instantly kill them.