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The Mossberg 590 is an American-made, 12 gauge, pump-action shotgun manufactured by Mossberg and Sons. It is a member of the Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun series.


The M590 appears as the shotgun of choice for the Security faction. By default, it will fire 12-gauge buckshot, however, it can also fire 12-gauge slugs for longer ranges as an attachment. Unfortunately, the player cannot switch between shell types after spawning, unless the weapon is resupplied.

The M590 shotgun is an excellent choice for CQB environments due to it shooting multiple high projectiles with buckshot ammo and having a high spread to allow for faster and more efficient aiming. With slug ammo equipped however, the M590 will fire a single projectile and will experience much less spread. Another benefit is that the user can easily top-off their magazine with individual shells, rather than having to remove a magazine. This feature of the M590 also allows reloads to be cancelled mid-way, granting the ability to fire with a partially reloaded magazine. However, the M590 is hampered by the low rate of fire, slow full reloads, and poor armor penetration with buckshot.

With buckshot, players are encouraged to shoot at unarmored areas (head, arms, legs) to maximize damage. With slugs, players should try to go for precise and deliberate shots.



Co-op only:

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  • Just like the TOZ or other manually cycled weapons, the player does not cycle the action back when the last shell is fired. This indicates that the player has used up all of their ammunition.
  • The 087 numbers on the back of the stock of the old version may be a reference to the Remington M870, a close competitor to the Mossberg 590.
  • Prior to the Insurgency: Nightfall update, the M590 had single bead sights instead of ghost ring sights.