Light Armor is a type of armor. Light armor typically refers to a form of soft ballistic protection, like kevlar vests or kevlar ballistic inserts.


Light Armor
INS Light Armor
General information
Inventory slotArmor
OperatorsFac sec mono Security Forces
  • All classes

Fac ins mono Insurgent Forces

  • All classes
General statistics
Supply points ?Security: 0 Icon supply
Insurgent: 2 Icon supply
Weight points ?64/640

Light armor is a type of body armor featured in Insurgency. It is a standard kevlar vest that reduces damage to the torso by 60%, but has no effect on damage to the head, arms, or legs. Light armor allows the player to be maintain more of their agility and speed than heavy armor, while offering more protection than having no armor.

Light armor is provided free to all Security Forces and costs 2 supply points for Insurgent Forces. It is available to all factions and units.

Trivia Edit

  • The Security Forces have a contract with a supplier, allowing them free access to Light Armor and reduced cost to Heavy Armor.
  • Competitive players will typically not use armor rather than equip light armor due to the widespread use of AP ammo in competitive matches and slowed movement when wearing armor

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