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Item Pickups are featured in Insurgency. Items may be picked up by the player by pressing the "Use" key, defaulted to F, to either be equipped or added to inventory to complete objectives in certain game modes. Primary weapons and explosives are the only pickups dropped by players.

Soldiers will drop their primary weapon and explosives upon death. They will also drop their primary weapon or explosives upon picking up an item from the same slot. Player dropped items may be picked up by both friendly and enemy units.



A picked up gun contains only the ammo in its current magazine, and offers no additional magazines. As there are no ammo crates, there is no opportunity to acquire additional ammo. If the picked up gun matches the model the player spawned with, the player will still have access to their original magazine supply.


Explosives are dropped into bundles that appear as a single explosives unit, even if there is more than one explosive in that bundle. Picking up one of these bundles will swap any explosives the player may have in their inventory with those from the dropped bundle.

The player's use of the Chest Carrier is not required pick up bundles of multiple explosives.


  • If the soldier who dropped explosives had two smoke grenades in their inventory, the explosives bundle they dropped would contain two smoke grenades. If the soldier who dropped explosives had only one smoke grenade in their inventory, the explosives bundle they dropped on the ground would contain only one smoke grenade.
  • An explosives bundle that is picked up will be swapped with anything in player's current explosives slot, even if it matches their current explosives model. This means that if the player had two flash grenades in their inventory and then picked up an explosives bundle on the ground that contained only one flash grenade, the player would then have dropped their two flash grenades and exchanged them for the one in the bundle.


  • Intel, from the Infiltrate game mode.
    • Intel may only be picked up from the enemy base, and is not dropped upon carrier's death.


  • Insurgency disregards cartridge compatibility from a player's original gun to one picked up. For example, a player who spawns with a M16A4 who picks up a Mk18 will still only have access to the magazine in the Mk18, regardless of the fact that the M16A4 and Mk18 share interchangeable 5.56x45mm STANAG magazines. 
  • The M9 found in the tutorial is the only sidearm weapon pickup.