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The Insurgent Forces' banner in Insurgency Sandstorm

The Insurgent Forces' banner in Insurgency, the predecessor to Insurgency Sandstorm

The Insurgent Forces are a faction in Insurgency and Insurgency Sandstorm, resembling modern, self-sufficient paramilitary groups, such as ISIL, AL-Qaeda, and the Taliban. The insurgents largely use Russian military weapons and tech, with a few exceptions. The Insurgent's access to the black market allows them to acquire AKM assault rifles for free and access to smuggled western weaponry, such as the 2x Red Dot optic and the M84 Flash grenade.  


The Insurgent Forces use a variety of infantry weapons and equipment ranging from assault rifles, machine-guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and rocket launchers.


  • During the alpha stages of Insurgency, the Insurgent faction was mostly based around the insurgents in Iraq.


Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat

In Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, the Insurgent faction was named the Iraqi Insurgents and fought against the United States Marine Corps.