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Ysbert Ysbert 10 August 2018

Sandstorm Release Date

The release date is online on the Sandstorm website at

The beta is already accessible for people who pre-order the game. For more information, see the Insurgency: Sandstorm article. For the contents of the game, see p…

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Ysbert Ysbert 19 June 2018

New Insurgency: Sandstorm Info

Two videos from E3 give us a whole lot of new information on Insurgency: Sandstorm. Many pages are already updated, including the Classes of Insurgency: Sandstorm article. We also got eyes on which weapons will be in the game.

Now it should be noted …

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Ysbert Ysbert 31 May 2018

Insurgency: Sandstorm Release Date

NWI announced a release date estimation for Insurgency: Sandstorm:

September 2018 for PC

Q1 2019 for console

The price has also been set:

$ 29

Players who bought Insurgency will get a 10% discount. Pre-ordering the game also gives an additional 10% off.

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Mapping Contest Content Update Released

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