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Insurgency: Molotov Spring is the name of Insurgency's first major content update, available free to every player. It adds two new maps, five new game modes, new weapons, new attachments, and gameplay tweaks across the board.


  • New matchmaking category specific to single-life game modes.
  • All new bot AI for Cooperative and offline practice mode.
  • 11 Achievements

Game Modes[]



  • Primary Weapons
    • FAL battle rifle
  • Grenades
  • Weapon Upgrades
    • 2x Red Dot
    • C79 Scope
    • Wooden foregrips for AKM/AKS
    • New upgrade options for M40A1 and Mosin Nagant including suppressors and optics.

Updated Game Modes[]

  • Strike - The old Strike has been removed and replaced with Search and Destroy, but with only 1 cache and a single life.
  • Ambush - Formerly known as VIP Escort.

A full list of updates may be found here.