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Insurgency: Hunt is Insurgency's second major content update, available free to every player.



  • New first person weapon collision system
  • Substantial revamp of particle FX throughout the game
  • Players can no longer equip an item if it puts them over their max weight value.
  • 6 new Achievements

New Features

  • Persistant Stat tracking


Game Modes

  • Hunt - new Coop game mode

Weapon Attachments

Updated Features

Updated Game Modes

  • Push - now includes final "last stand" cache as an objective
  • Occupy - now 10 minutes, rather than 15, with 3 starting waves, rather than 5; the winner is now determined by having more waves and also being in control of the objective.

Updated Maps

Updated Weapons

  • FAL - now uses the proper ammo type (7.62x51mm)