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A hitbox is an invisible shape commonly used in video games for real-time collision detection. It is often a rectangle (in 2D games) or cuboid (in 3D) that is attached to and follows a point on a visible object (such as a model or a sprite), though circular or spheroidial shapes are also common. It is common for animated objects to have a set of hitboxes attached to one moving part each to ensure accuracy during motion.

Hitboxes are used to detect "one-way" collisions such as bullet impacts. They are unsuitable for the detection of collisions with feedback (e.g. bumping into a wall) due the difficulty experienced by both humans and AI in managing a hitbox's ever-changing locations; these sorts of collisions are typically handled with much simpler axis-aligned bounding boxes instead. Players may use the term "hitbox" to refer to these types of interactions regardless.


In Insurgency the hitboxes are usually slightly smaller than the model so that grazing shots, and shots to backpacks and pouches don't count.

Hitbox comparison before and after July 12, 2013

Hitbox Groups[]

  • Head
  • Chest
  • Stomach
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm
  • Left Leg
  • Right Leg

Different hitbox groups may be assigned different damage multipliers depending on weapons and armors.