Heavy Armor is a type of armor.


Heavy Armor
INS Heavy Armor
General information
Inventory slotArmor
OperatorsFac sec mono Security Forces
  • All classes

Fac ins mono Insurgent Forces

  • All Classes
General statistics
Supply points ?Security: 2 Icon supply
Insurgent: 3 Icon supply
Weight points ?128/640
Weight7.5 kg

Heavy armor is a type of body armor featured in Insurgency. It is a heavy duty kevlar vest with armor plates that reduces damage to the torso by 90%, but has no effect on damage to the head, arms, or legs. Heavy armor provides the most protection, but is also has a greater impact on a player's total weight.

Heavy armor costs 2 supply points to the Security Forces and 3 supply points to the Insurgent Forces. It is available to all factions and units. 

Trivia Edit

  • The Security Forces have a contract with a supplier, allowing them free access to Light Armor and reduced cost to Heavy Armor.[1]


  1. Noted in the tutorial, just before the CQB exercise.