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As with most first person shooter games, the player has a health system in the Insurgency series.


Health in Insurgency games is a measure of a soldier's life in hit points (HP). So long as a player has health, they can take action as normal. Barring the use of mods, there is no method of regaining health after it is lost.

In Insurgency, the player begins with 100 health. Unlike most games, there is no way to determine a player's health status in Insurgency after taking damage. It is not visible in first-person view HUD and cannot be viewed by anyone else.

Most weapons are able to kill an unarmored target in 1-2 hits. In general, infantry receive more damage to the torso and head. Body Armor may reduce the damage a player receives to the torso by 60% to 90%. More detailed information about damage and damage multiplier may be found of their respective pages.