Insurgency Wiki

A Heads-Up Display, or HUD, is the name given to the screen viewed by the player of a first-person shooter game.

In the Insurgency series[]

Insurgency features an extremely limited HUD compared to most other FPS games to increase immersion. The HUD is limited to nothing but the objective status, round time, and wave counts. They will also see the names of teammates and the objective markers.

As of the August 22, 2014 update, "magazine and fire mode information is no longer constantly displayed."

HUD elements[]

  • Location of objective
    • Objective status
  • Remaining wave count
  • Magazine counter (only when reloading)
  • Weapon fire mode (only when switched)
  • Damage indicator (only when player is hurt)
  • Chat (only when used)
  • Time left
  • Teammate symbol
    • Names of teammates (only when aimed at)
    • Classes of teammates (only when aimed at)
  • Markings
    • Player spotting
    • Grenade marking (by squad leader)
    • Suppress marking (by squad leader)