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The GP-25 (Russian: Гранатомет Подствольный 25; Granatomyot Podstvolnyj 25, English: Grenade Launcher 25) is a Soviet grenade launcher that is chambered for the 40×53mm shelless grenade cartridge.

Insurgency: Sandstorm[]


The GP-25 is an under-barrel grenade launcher used by Insurgent Forces. It was first introduced in the Insurgency: Hunt expansion.

The GP-25 is a single-shot, barrel mounted, shelless 40mm grenade launcher avaliable to the Insurgent Forces. Being able to fire either smoke or high-explosive rounds, the GP-25 is well-suited for long range suppression and providing cover for friendly forces without exposing the shooter to enemy fire. However, equipping the GP-25 will remove the player's ability to carry explosives. 

Similar to other contemporary first person shooters, close ranges will cause the round to act as a bullet and a direct hit on an enemy at close range will kill, as a 1.5in projectile launched at high velocity is likely to leave a rather large mark. It is worth noting that at close range the round will not explode after striking a surface, regardless of whether or not the surface was previously alive.

The GP-25 can only be used on the AKM and AK-74. Each of the 40mm Grenades must reach a minimum arming distance before they will activate upon impact. The GP-25 can be accessed by 1 as a default.


  • The GP-25 is correctly portrayed as being a shelless grenade launcher, unlike most other first person shooters games. 
  • The GP-25 is the Insurgent counterpart to the M203.
  • Fixed sights for the GP-25 were recently added; previously, one essentially had to hip-fire the weapon.