Flashpoint is a gamemode featured in Insurgency, introduced in the Molotov Spring DLC.

Insurgency Edit

One of our new objective-based respawn modes where there is only 1 capture point in the middle, and where each team has two weapon caches. Capturing the point or destroying the caches will bring your team reinforcements, and clearing the entire area will result in victory.

Objectives Edit

The match begins with both teams having two weapon caches each, in which they must defend. There is also an objective in the middle of the map which begins as a neutral objective. Victory is achieved by taking control of the central objective and destroying both of the enemy's weapon caches, or running the enemy team out of reinforcements and eliminating all hostiles.

Strategies Edit

Offense Edit

It is recommended that attacking players attempt to destroy both of the enemy's weapon caches before capturing the central objective. With that said, players should equip the corresponding explosives(i.e., Incendiary Grenades, 2 Fragmentation Grenades, C4, IED).

Defense Edit

Players on defense should primarily focus on defending the two weapon caches, and the central objective, when it is captured.