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A flashlight is a tool designed to provide light.  


The flashlight is a siderail attachment featured in Insurgency. It is designed to light up areas in front of the player's weapon and blind enemy players if aimed directly at their eyes. It can be turned off using the toggle flashlight/laser-sight button, defaulted G). 


  • Quicker identification of targets
  • Lights up dark areas for greater visability
  • Can blind enemy opponents if aimed at eyes, providing the player with a visual advantage in CQC firefights. This effect is amplified if the opponent is wearing night vision goggles, effectively blinding more than half of their screen.

  • The light may give away your position from afar to enemies, though its effect is identical on each team.
  • The flashlight blinds the user if they are wearing Night vision goggles.


  • You can, in a pinch, use the flashlight as a make-shift laser sight in close quarters, since the free-aim system makes it difficult to know exactly where your weapon is pointing. The flashlight is much cheaper than the lasersight.
  • You can create a make-shift strobelight by turning on/off the flashlight while shooting, this can be easily done by binding the mousewheel to the flashlight on/off key. Alternatively, an Autohotkey script may be be implemented. (This is not recommended)