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Most modern military assault rifles have selective firing modes, designed to allow the operator more flexibility over their accuracy, fire rate, and shooting patterns. Variations of fire modes include semi-automatic, 2-round-burst, 3-round-burst, and full auto.


In Insurgency, the fire mode on weapons is displayed at the lower right-hand corner, beside the magazine indicator. The fire mode on a weapon can be changed using the Cycle Firerate key bind, which is defaulted to X. Players are able to change their fire mode any time the weapon is selected, even while sprinting. However, while switching the fire mode, the user cannot fire their weapon for a brief amount of time. Their aim will also be off if toggling the fire mode while aiming down sights.

Fire Modes of Insurgency[]

Fire mode Weapons
Bolt-action M40A1, Mosin
Pump-action M590, TOZ
Double-action Model 10
Semi-automatic AC-556, AKM, AKS-74U, Galil, Galil SAR, M14 EBR, M16A4, M1911, M1 Carbine, M45A1, M9, Makarov, Mk18, MP5K, UMP-45, FAL, SKS, RPK
2-round Burst UMP-45
3-round Burst AC-556, M16A4, MP5K
Automatic AC-556, AKM, AKS-74U, FALGalil, Galil SAR, M14 EBR, M249, Mk18, MP40, MP5K, Sterling, UMP-45, RPK

*Italics denote weapons with only one fire mode


  • In order to gain a competitive advantage while using automatic weapons, it is recommended that users leave the weapon in full auto mode and simply tap-fire the weapon to simulate semi-automatic fire. This way, the user will not be at a disadvantage when faced with firefights that shift from open streets to narrow corridors. 
  • The use of X as the default fire mode selector button could be a homage to the WSWAT series, in which the fire mode selector was also X by default.

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat[]

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