There are two factions featured in Insurgency. They are the Security Forces (abbreviated SEC) and the Insurgent Forces (abbreviated INS or Insurgents). Each faction has unique weapons, roles, and objectives depending on the game mode and map.

The Security Forces are based off of the Private Military Contractors operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Insurgents are inspired by the real-life Iraqi insurgents and Al-Qaeda affiliates.


Unique equipmentEdit

Both Security Forces and Insurgents have their own unique weapons and equipment that may not be equipped by the opposing team (though it can be picked up). Examples include the M14 EBR, which is exclusive to the Security Forces, and the TOZ, which is exclusive to the Insurgents.


Teammates can speak to each other using using VOIP, text chat, or the in-game radial menu. VOIP and the radial menu may be heard by the opposing team if they are within close proximity. Text chat has no risk of the opposing team hearing them.

Other Faction BonusesEdit

Security ForcesEdit

The Security Forces have a contract with a supplier, allowing them free access to Light Armor and Chest Rigs and reduced cost to Heavy Armor and Chest Carriers. As a result, Security forces tend to use these items more often than Insurgents.