Achieve uncontested control of three objectives to win. Capturing an objective causes lost teammates to respawn at that objective.

A non-linear attack mode where a team must secure all the points in any order to win against large amounts of enemies who will try to retake objectives. This mode takes the action-packedness of Checkpoint, but opens up the map more for a less linear experience.Insurgency Roadmap[1]

Conquer is a non-linear cooperative gamemode for Insurgency. A game consists of up to five rounds, ending after any victory from the player's side. A round ends only when all players have been eliminated.



Players must achieve uncontested control of all three objectives to win.

This is similar to other game modes except that the AI is favored. If AI defense is in the vicinity, capture progress will be lost over time. If AI offense is in the vicinity of a defended objective, progress will remain static until one side is eliminated or forced to retreat. When a hostile objective is captured, fallen comrades will respawn at the newly-captured objective.


There are ten locations for caches, marked D ("Delta") through M ("Mike") throughout the map. Exactly five of them will spawn in any given round. While the announcer states that destroying caches will "disorganize them and help thin them out," it is never elaborated on what this precisely does, but destroying them is not a requirement for victory. Several console commands related to caches in Conquer mode however show that that destroying all the caches will reduce the number of enemies that spawn per wave, with the effect being much more significant when playing solo. The reduced number of enemies also contributes towards overall enemy strength, with a reduction in strength resulting in bots further away from objectives being contested or captured not responding right away until they are much closer to the objective.

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