The C79 Optical Sight is a small arms telescopic sight of 3.4×28 magnification. It is manufactured by Elcan and can be found on military service weapons around the world. Its Elcan product name is the Specter M145, although in Canadian service, it is typically referred to as the C79 or the C79A2. Similar rifle sights are the Sight Unit Small Arms, Trilux (SUSAT) and the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG).

Insurgency Edit

C79 Scope
INS C79 Scope
General information
OperatorsFac sec mono Security Forces
  • All classes
General statistics
Optic magnification3.4x
Supply points ?3 Icon supply

In Insurgency, the C79 Scope is the mid-long range scope avaliable to the Security forces. It features greater magnification than the 2x Red Dot, but less magnification than the Mk4 Scope. The C79 Scope features range markings to help to compensate for bullet drop. 

Performance Edit

  • Optimal for mid-long range combat
  • Wide scope view
  • Very clear while firing

  • Thin crosshairs are hard to keep track of
  • Slow draw speed
  • Increased visual recoil

Trivia Edit

  • Although there are range markings for bullet drop, there's no bullet drop in the game.
  • The training instructor refers to the C79 as an "Elcan" scope.