The Breacher is a CQB and explosive expert.


The Breacher is a class featured in Insurgency that is exclusive to the Security forces. The class is equipped with either a shotgun, sub-machine gun, or carbine and has access to a variety of explosives. The Breacher is the Close-quarter-battle specialist in Insurgency. He is responsible for clearing out rooms with his arsenal of CQB weapons and explosives.

Security ForcesEdit

Fac sec
INS Security Breacher
General information
Squads[A] Assault Squad
Available slots1
PrimaryM590 (1)
MP5K (2)
Mk18 (3)
SecondaryM45 (1)
M9 (1)
Makarov (1)
ExplosiveM84 Flash (1)
M18 Smoke (1)
M67 Frag (2)
AN-M14 (3)
C4 (4)
Explosive 2M84 Flash (1)
M18 Smoke (1)
M67 Frag (2)
AN-M14 (3)
ArmorLight Armor (0)
Heavy Armor (2)

The Breacher class wears a contractor's cap, communication headphones, a coyote T-Shirt, a plate carrier, a battle belt, and a drop leg holster. 

Default LoadoutEdit

Category Model Attachment(s) or Notes
Primary M590 2x Red Dot , Foregrip
Secondary M9
Explosive M67 Frag
Explosive 2 None
Armor Light Armor
Vest Chest Carrier
Accessory None

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

  • The Breacher has access to suppressors (Except for the Makarov and M590)