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Bombers are explosive experts who also have access to designated marksman rifles, allowing them a greater ability to survive mid-range firefights. The Bomber is responsible for destroying enemy caches and providing explosive suppression.


Insurgent ForcesEdit

Fac ins
General information
Squads[B] Scout Cell
Available slots1
PrimaryAKM (0)
M1 Carbine (1)
MP40 (2)
TOZ (1)
SecondaryMakarov (0)
Model 10 (0)
M1911 (1)
ExplosiveIED (4)
F1 Grenade (2)
Explosive 2F1 Grenade (2)
ArmorLight Armor (2)
Heavy Armor (3)
VestChest Rig (1)
Chest Carrier (2)

The Bomber class wear a black balaclava, a white shirt, a blue bullet-resistant vest with green ammo pouches and shoulder straps with a sheath, blue pants, and a drop-leg holster.   

Default LoadoutEdit

Category Model Attachment(s) or Notes
Primary AKM Foregrip
Secondary None
Explosive IED
Armor Light Armor
Vest Chest Carrier

Weapon Attachments Edit