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The "Alpha AK" is a term used to describe the heavily customized AK-pattern rifle used by special forces of Russia, namely Alpha Group of the FSB. Common characteristics of the Alpha AK include railed dust covers and handguards, which enable the mounting optics, grips, and other tactical devices. The term was introduced and went viral after a retired US Army Combat veteran Larry Vickers (better known by his YouTube channel "Vickers Tactical") visited Russia to film with aforementioned unit and posted pictures of custom AKs he encountered.[1][2]

Insurgency: Sandstorm

The Alpha AK is an assault rifle featured in Insurgency: Sandstorm. It was first showcased in a blog post detailing the upcoming update and officially added to the game in November 8, 2018 update.[3][4]





  • Before Operation Nightfall the Alpha AK used a 5.45×39mm AK-74 magazine model and was listed in the loadout menu as chambered for 7.62×39mm. It has since been corrected to use steel AK-47 7.62 magazines, giving it the appearance of an AK-104 in the "Alpha AK" configuration.
    • As of Operation Warlord, the Alpha AK's magazine has been reverted to 5.45mm, despite the loadout menu still suggesting it is chambered for 7.62. Curiously, its drum magazine is still modelled after the 7.62 version.
    • As of Operation Glasshouse, the Alpha AK's has once again been corrected to use 7.62mm magazines.
  • The Alpha AK's dovetail rail is unusable, as none of its available optics are mounted on the dovetail, and instead are mounted to the Picatinny dust cover.
    • As of Operation Glasshouse, the Alpha AK can now use the PSO-1, which does use the dovetail rail on the side.
  • The Alpha AK in game is modelled with a Zenitco B-30 handguard, TWS railed dust cover, a Magpul pistol grip, a SOPMOD stock (which is also featured on the Mk 14 EBR and Mk 18 CQBR) and a Tromix charging handle extension.
    • The dust cover has the words "PATENTED U.S.A. MADE" marked on it.