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The "Alpha AK" is a term used to describe the heavily customized AK-pattern rifle used by special forces of Russia, namely Alpha Group of the FSB. The term was introduced and went viral after a retired US Army Combat veteran Larry Vickers (better known by his YouTube channel "Vickers Tactical") visited Russia to film with aforementioned unit and posted pictures of custom AKs he encountered.[1][2]

Insurgency: Sandstorm[]

The Alpha AK is an assault rifle featured in Insurgency: Sandstorm. It was first showcased in a blog post detailing the upcoming update and officially added to the game in November 8, 2018 update.[3][4]





  • Before Operation Nightfall the Alpha AK used a 5.45×39mm AK-74 magazine model and was listed in loadout as chambered for 7.62×39mm. It has since been corrected to use steel AK-47 7.62 magazines, giving it the appearance of an AK-104 in the "Alpha AK" configuration.
  • The Alpha AK's dovetail rail is unusable, as none of its available optics are mounted on the dovetail, and instead are mounted to the Picatinny dust cover.
  • The Alpha AK in game is modelled with a Zenitco B-30 handguard, TWS railed dust cover, a Magpul pistol grip, a SOPMOD stock (which is also featured on the Mk 14 EBR and Mk 18 CQBR) and a Tromix charging handle extension.
    • The dust cover has the words "PATENTED U.S.A. MADE" marked on it.