Insurgency: Sandstorm Edit

The Advisor is an outsider with a mutual agenda, who brings specialisation and unique weaponry.

Security Forces Edit

Fac sec mono
File:IS Security Advisor.png
PrimaryAK-74 (4)
AKS-74u (4)
Mk14 EBR (4)
Mk18 Mod 1 (4)
Mk17 Mod 0 (4)
SVD (4)
L85A2 (5)
SecondaryG17 (2)
ExplosiveM84 Flash (1)
VestLight Carrier (1)

Default Loadout Edit

Category Model Attachment(s) or Notes
Primary Mk18 Mod 1 1x Holographic
Secondary G17
Explosive M84 Flash
Vest Light Carrier
Armor none
Accessory Combat Knife