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The M14 (also written AN/M14 and M14 TH3) is a purpose designed incendiary grenade intended for damaging or destroying materiel such as vehicles, shelters, weapon systems, or munitions. It could also be used to flush out enemy personnel from an area. The M14 utilizes the chemical composition thermate, a variation of thermite, designed specifically for incendiary grenades.


The AN-M14 is an incendiary grenade featured in Insurgency.

A short time after thrown, it emits a great deal of heat that can damage any enemy infantry within its radius. The fire that the grenade emits can easily be used for area denial as well as for visual obstruction.


  • Ability to destroy weapon caches
  • Ability to block passage ways
  • Fire effect can provide concealment
  • Can be bounced off walls, unlike the Molotov

  • Low rate of damage
  • Can harm self or teammates
  • Can block paths to objectives, effectively halting a push
  • Harder to destroy caches, as it needs to be accurately bounced.


Insurgency: Sandstorm[]

"Flame grenade which produces a cloud of fire. Useful for area denial and destroying weapon cache objectives."
— In-game description

The AN-M14 Incendiary is an incendiary grenade featured in Insurgency: Sandstorm.



  • The AN-M14 is not used offensively in the real world. It is used for the destruction of intelligence, material, and other items of both friendly (when at risk of capture) and enemy units.


  • Sometimes the animation effect for the AN-M14 will clip through walls or other objects, however, the grenade will not damage the player, providing that they are behind the said piece of cover.