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The 2x Red Dot is a medium-range weapon optic available to both factions in Insurgency.


  • Optimised for Mid Range Combat
  • Can be used for CQB
  • Red Dot allows for fast target acquistion

  • Longer draw time than Iron sights and Reflex sights
  • Simple Dot is unsuitable for longer ranges


  • In past versions of Insurgency, the 2x Red Dot was erroneously called the 4x Scope, with a ACOG crosshair. It was changed for both the sake of realism and gameplay.
  • The 2x Red Dot is simply the model of the Red Dot sight with a magnifier attached to it. The fact that Insurgent forces do not have access to the 1x Red Dot sight may be an oversight on the developers part.
  • The model of the 2x Red Dot is based on the Aimpoint CompM2 with the Aimpoint 3XMag magnifier. 
  • The 3XMag that is part of the model is supposed to have a fixed 3x magnification. Aimpoint does not produce any magnifiers with a 2x magnification. The choice of making the optic have a 2x magnification was probably to help balance it out with the C79 Scope, otherwise they would be almost the same, and because the C79 would have a bigger optical window, the Aimpoint would be pointless to use.